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The Interstices Project — Where the Thunderbird Flies

I'll be using this platform to fund my writing and other work generally, and also for specific expenses. The initial project will be an effort to defray the $25K in emergency medical bills I've accumulated in the last 3.5 months. In November, I suffered what at first appeared to be a heart attack but turns out to be something as-yet-unidentifiable that is adversely affecting my coronary artery and other organs. I have been hospitalized three times, am now on oxygen a significant percentage of the time, and can no longer engage in many very basic activities and functions. What I can still do is write, and this platform will make it possible for me to remain productive in the face of what is now both chronic and acute disabling illness.

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Where do you go when there is no place for you? How do you live with no space to inhabit? This is where I live. For now, it will help to retire my emergency medical debt. Eventually, it will fund my work and words, birthed in liminal spaces and sent to fly between worlds.
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